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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Hearbal Therapy & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wauconda, IL

Discover a new way to heal - that's centuries old. Sterling Therapies specialized in traditional Chinese medicine in Wauconda, IL. Discover a new way to heal and relax your body and soul.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM refers to the healing methods traditionally used by healers in ancient China that are still practicing today. This form of medicine has been distilled through the ages to retain only the most effective therapies and includes such modalities as cupping, moxibustion, Tui Na, Gua Sha, herbal therapy, and acupuncture treatment.

Cupping: Has been used for centuries, cupping promotes blood flow by creating suction directly against the skin. One or more cups, made of glass, plastic, or bamboo, are placed against the skin and suction is created using heat or a mechanical pump. It is especially useful for stubborn muscle spasms.

Cupping is one of the famous Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wauconda, IL

Moxibustion: Used in TCM to warm the body and stimulate blood flow, moxibustion involves burning an herb known as mugwort near-certain skin points. The heat opens up the pores, allowing the herb to penetrate the tissues, add warmth, and provide relief from pain. It is especially effective for the elderly and people with weakness or deficient conditions.

Tui Na: is for traditional Chinese massage therapy. It uses techniques to warm the tissues, stimulate blood flow, and move Qi (the body's internal energy).

Gua Sha: Using specialized tools often made of jade, Gua Sha is a method of scraping the skin lightly to bring stagnant blood to the surface so it can be moving out of the tissues by the bloodstream. It is especially effective for breaking down knots in muscles and for speeding up healing time for bruises.

Herbal Therapy

Chinese and western herbs are known to promote healing. Herbal therapy uses the medicinal properties of plants to achieve this healing. Doctors have long known about plants' beneficial effects, and plants drive most modern-day pharmaceuticals. The difference between pharmaceuticals and herbal therapy is that pharmaceuticals are derivatives and often isolate only certain aspects of the medicinal chemicals found in the plants. Moreover, chemists have found a way to synthesize the plant elements to reduce costs and allow mass production. Herbal therapy does not strip away the supportive aspects of the plant, and is very effective, and typically without detrimental side effects.

Herbs have been used for centuries by physicians in China as well as Japan, India, Egypt, Greece, and many more countries. They have been studied extensively in modern times and are continuously gaining popularity because of their effectiveness. The herbs used by Sterling Therapies are complete foods, not synthetic derivatives.

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