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Professional Nutritional Counseling in Wauconda, IL

There is so much information about nutrition today that it's hard to know what's right, what's too good to be true, and what's right for you. Get the proper nutrition your body needs with our nutritional counseling in Wauconda, IL. One thing is certain: in the 21st Century, we are not getting the same diet that our grandparents had, even if we eat the same foods. Present-day foods lack the nutrients that used to come from the soil because modern farming techniques have so depleted our soils. Contact our nutritional counselor today.

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Sterling Health Therapies offers individual, personalized nutritional counseling by talking with you about your habits, likes, dislikes, and dietary needs. If there are changes you'd like to make, we'll help you develop a plan to achieve your goals and see sustainable results.

Our information and recommendations combine the best of contemporary research with traditional Chinese medicine to heal your whole body and achieve balance.