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news & notes - April 10, 2020


In an effort to keep everyone safe,  Dr. Sterling is now available for phone or video consultations  and will treat in the office in emergency cases only.   During these unprecedented times of the Corona Virus outbreak, let us show you how to manage your pain and anxiety with simple self-care methods.   Eastern medicine has much to teach us about learning to stay well and coping with crisis.  

Beginning June 1st Dr. Sterling will resume seeing patients in the office. We have established strict disinfectant protocols and can conduct your initial consultation virtually in order to provide maximum protection.  Dr. Sterling can also provide certain therapies over the phone, so please call for more information and to schedule your time.

Call 773-664-0710 for a free consultation or complete the contact form on this site.  Learn how to ease your anxiety and relax muscular tension using Self-Shiatsu, Qi Cultivation and herbal remedies.   

Stay safe and I'll see you soon.

Dr. Sterling

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